You Already Have What You Need To Make These Adorable Pins

JENeration DIY / YouTube


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I’ve seen cute little pins all over the place. I feel like every clothing store sells them now, regardless of what kind of style they sell: Forever 21, Hot Topic, Spencers, and more. There are also some adorable pins on Etsy.

Unfortunately, no matter where you shop, these pins can be super expensive. One I got online cost me over $20! Customizable pins cost even more. Why pay so much when you can make them yourself?

With a special kind of plastic, Jennifer with YouTube channel JENeration DIY makes these awesome customized pins. If you ever had Shrinky Dinks as a little kid, it’s basically the same concept. Draw your design on the plastic, making sure to make it 3 times bigger than you actually want it. Color it in, then cut out your shape and put it in the oven and watch the plastic shrink!

Once your plastic cools off, you have two options for making it into a pin. Remove an old design from an existing pin, or use a safety pin, and hot glue your design to it. That’s it!

Once your hot glue dries, you have awesome pins that you can put anywhere. I put a ton on my jean jacket and no one can tell I made them myself.

When you make your own, be sure to show us in the comments, and share this awesome DIY with your friends!

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