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Media inquiries should follow the instructions below.

Who are we? 

Everett, William and Vivian. 

Choosing the right projects for teens is not an easy job. Unless you are a teen or tween like us.

We love making stuff. We grew up with a mom who started us at birth. 

We will be focusing on making more original DIY content this year and are just starting to take corporate sponsorships. 

Our site is new but has tons of traffic and visitors.

We look forward to watching it grow and hope you stick around.

All feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Here are some basic stats:

Monthly Blog visitors: 450,000

Monthly Page Views: 900,000

FB fans: 147,000

Pinterest followers: 167,000

Tumblr: 4,000

E-mail list: by inquiry only

Create Content For Us

We will consider allowing a few established teen bloggers to create content for us. You will need to have an established site with good content and a decent following. We might also be open to other sorts of partnership opportunities there. Drop us a note and tell us what you are thinking.

Contact Us

If you are interested in a sponsorship or direct advertising opportunities, please contact us at diyprojectsforteens @ gmail . com  to get our media kit. Please use the words “media inquiry” in the title of your email for an expedited reply on advertiser requests.

You are also welcome to message us on Facebook.