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This is a favorite craft I used to make when I was little but it is  equally cool to make now, and the results are much nicer. You get to weave a plaid pattern with pipe cleaners, and then use the pipe cleaner fabric to decorate tin cans. You can really decorate other things with this awesome craft, too.

Tutorial and Instructions for Pipe Cleaner Cans:

Step 1:

Gather your pipe cleaners. You will need about 8 of each for your two vertical colors (two sets of 8) and about 6 of each for your woven colors (four sets of 6) Depending on the size of your can, you will need more or less of these colors. You can always have them weave too many in and then take unneeded rows out. The only thing you need to determine before starting is that the circumference of the can is not greater than the length of a pipe cleaner. (Just wrap one pipe cleaner around whatever you are wanting to cover. You will then know if it is the right size)



Step 2:

Layout your pipe cleaners for your pattern. I highly recommend finding a flat piece of cardboard or flat rectangular tray to work on, one you can put tape on. This makes it easier for your child to work, and also for them to carry the project around. We taped ours to a plastic covered canvas, but use whatever you can find.

Once you have your two vertical colors laid out, tape them to your board. We used scotch tape, but duct tape and other tape will work fine.



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see the rest of the tutorial here


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