Impress ‘Em All With Rainbow Leopard Cake!!


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Looking for a fun cake recipe for that special occasion where you need to impress? Try this rainbow leopard cake recipe and tutorial for an amazingly colorful, awesome tasting cake. Perfect for birthdays, get togethers with friends (or just to make yourself happy, because it is RAINBOW!) Easy to follow instructions make this one hard to mess up. What a fun food idea!

Learn how to make rainbow leopard cake with this Youtube tutorial video

What You Need:

  • Any 5 from Rainbow Food Colors and a Black
  • A Batch of Vanilla Butter Cream
  • 6 Cup of Vanilla Cake Batter
  • Piping Bags
  • 8 inch Pans
  • Regular Vanilla Butter Cream
  • Icing Smoother

Here’s How:

Mixing The Batters With Colors

Step 1

Separate the Cake Batters in a separate bowl to color them. We will use 1 cup for the black color.


Step 2

Stir it up with a bit of a drop of black food color then it will be ready to put on to a piping bag.


Step 3

For each of the other colors we will be using between a quarter to half a cup of cake batter. mix it with each of a tiny bit of drop of the food color.         Whatever is left over is going to be the white portion of the cake.


They should now look like these once they’re put in piping bags.


Laying Out Of The Leopard Spots

Before we gat started with these procedure Remember that we are going to do these 3 times in an 8 inch round baking pan. You can use 3 baking pans at the same time to save you minutes while you bake them together or there is always an option by using just one and just repeat the process 3 times.

Step 1

grease the pan with a regular vanilla butter cream and spread some of the white batter out all around the surface of the pan.


Step 2

Take you black batter in a piping bag and make 5 circles similar to the photo below.


Step 3

Next, well do the same on the colored Batters in the piping bag and go around the black circles covering the black lines. you can go around twice to make sure that all of the black lines have been covered. You can do this by any color order of your choice. 1 black Circle = 1 Color.


Step 4

After covering the black lines with colors, we are going to do a second round of black circles on top of the colors.


Step 5

Fill in all empty areas with white or cover all the colors using the white batter.


Step 6

Bake it and it should now look similar this.


Icing the Baked Batter

Step 1

First we need to remove the top part of the baked batter.


Step 2

Take some of you Butter Cream Mixture and spread it on top or in between the layers of the baked batter.


Step 3

Once all you got all the layers of the Baked batter together, we will start putting in the icing around starting at the bottom layer of the batter. Start with a first color you want and move over to the next.


it should now look similar to this.


Step 4

Moving forward , Continue putting around the icing on top of the cake with the same last color on top of the sides.


Step 5

Continue going around in to the middle with the different colors.


Step 6

Once Your done, get your Icing smoother and go around the sides and on top to make the icing look flat.


Step 7

Next. Get you black colored Piping back and create erradic circle shapes similar with the leopard marks.


And your Rainbow Leopard Cake is ready!


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