Never Drop Your Phone Again With This DIY Pop Socket

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I always drop my phone. Whether it’s on the ground, on my bed, or even on my face, it seems like I can’t avoid it. I have pretty shaky hands and I’m super clumsy, so I just thought I’d have to deal with this forever.

Luckily someone invented pop sockets. If you’ve never used one before, it’s basically a little thing you stick on the back of your phone to make holding it easier. You can use them to prop your phone up while watching videos, holding it more steadily while taking selfies, or just to decorate a plain phone case.

I knew I needed one and I wanted to customize it, so I decided to try to make my own. A tutorial by YouTuber Katie Bookser made it super easy for me and I love how it turned out! I feel like I almost never drop my phone now.

Basically, all she does is use industrial strength glue to stick two suction cups together. She uses a sewing pin to hold the two in place while they dry, and then she takes the pin out and fills one of the suction cups entirely with hot glue.

Once it’s dry, she spray paints it white, then goes over a few design options. My personal favorite is the watercolor. It’s so pretty!

Regardless of how you decide to decorate it, these things are super useful. I feel like everyone needs one!

Once you make yours, be sure to share this with your friends so they can have awesome pop sockets too!

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