How to Paint Perfectly Striped Nails

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Do you wish you could get perfect striped nails but have a little too much trouble with those lines? Learn how to paint your stripes perfectly in this awesome step by step tutorial. Paint your striped nails the polish color of your choice and use this method for flawless, beautiful nail art.

What you need:

  • Marker
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Nail Polish

Here’s How:

1. Start by cutting a medium piece of tape. Remove the adhesive in both ends by pressing it repeatedly to your fingers so that it would be easier to peel them off later. Fold the piece of tape in half.


2. Get your marker and draw lines on the folded side of the tape.


3. Next, cut out the black lines with scissors. What would be left is just the clear piece of tape ( it might have excess black inks on the sides but that’s just fine, what really matters is the middle part once we peel them off) .




4. stick the tape to your nails according to your desired style .You can do it vertically, horizontally, diagonally try to experiment with line variations in every nail.


5. Once the tape are set, paint your nails with nail polish and peel the tape off. And that’s how you make perfect stripe nails!



Striped Nail Art Tutorial - Easy Step by Step Instructions for Perfect Striped Nails - Fun Manicure Idea for Both Teens and Adults

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