How To Make The Coolest Color-Changing Slime In 5 Minutes

Katherine Elizabeth / YouTube

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Slime is everywhere. No matter what YouTube channel you’re watching or website you’re searching, you’ll inevitably find a slime recipe in no time.

My favorite slime to date is this color changing slime by YouTuber Katherine Elizabeth. She makes a basic slime recipe, and adds something called thermochromic pigment. When this special pigment is mixed in, it reacts to heat, changing colors!

The slime recipe is pretty simple: dump out a bottle of school glue into a bowl. Then, mix in your thermochromic pigment. Once that’s mixed in, add some baking soda, and mix that in. If you want the slime to be fluffy, add shaving cream and more pigment as needed. Finally, mix in some saline contact solution and stir until the slime pulls away from the bowl.

Knead the slime until it’s no longer sticky, and you’ve got yourself some color changing slime! Each thermochromic pigment has a different temperature it changes color at, so keep that in mind when making your slime.

All of your friends are definitely going to ask you how you made this awesome slime, so be sure to share this video!

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