14 Genius Tricks for Your iPhone Headphones

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Looking for some cool tricks for your iPhone? Most people know of a few for their phone, but I bet you did not know your iPhone headphones also hold some hidden features. I was really surprised to learn I had been using these for years without any idea you could do these things. Check out these cool trick for using your headphones.

Playing Music

1. Press center button of the headphone once to play a song from your music apps or any other music streaming apps.
2. Press it one more time and you’ll pause the song.
3. Press the center button twice to skip to the next song.
4. Press three times to go back to the start of the song or to the previous track.
5. Double click and hold the center button on the last click to fast forward through your song.
6. Triple click and hold to the last click to rewind.

Iphone Headphone tips and tricks DIY

When you get a phone call

7. Press the center button once to answer.
8. These headphones have built in microphones so you can use them to take calls.
9. If you receive another call, press the center button once to switch to the new call while keeping the first caller on hold.
10. To ignore the second incoming call press and hold the center button for about 2 seconds and let go.
11. To hang up on a single phone call, press the center button once.
12. If you want to ignore a call, press and hold the center button to direct the call to voice mail.

Iphone Headphone tips and tricks DIY - secrets the iphone can do that you might not know about


13. To activate Siri, all you have to do is press and hold the center button.


Taking a picture

14. You can take a photo on the camera app by pressing either of the volume.


 Watch the Youtube Video Tutorial

Cool iphone headphone tricks - Tips for using IPHONE headphones for IOS devices like phone and ipad. Control headphones and find little tricks you did not know existed

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