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If you have not yet seen magnetic silly putty, you have to check out this video that not only shows what it does, but shows you how to make magnetic silly putty at home. The ingredients are not of the ordinary household variety, and you will need an adult to help you make this, but the result is really, really cool. This magnetic slime is so strong, it can move toward your magnets and envelop them in minutes. Awesome slow time lapse movies can be made to show this in action. DIY some slime today by following the instructions in this cool Youtube tutorial video.

Magnetic Smile Putty Recipe - Cool DYI Projects for Teenagers - Boys

Warning: Don’t even think about making this without adult supervision. Seriously. Cool it may be, but this here video calls for kerosene.  FLAMMABLE and not cool to use without an adult helping you.

Our tutorials are for educational purposes only.We are not responsible for any accident that might occur while you are making anything.

Recipe for Magnetic Silly Putty

100 ml kerosene

20 ml oleic acid

Magnetic Printer Toner


DIY Magnetic Slime Silly Putty - Tutorial - Cool DIY Projects for Teen Boys

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