How To Make Duct Tape Flowers

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Want to know how to make these super cool looking duct tape flowers? Follow these easy step by step instructions for this super cool duct tape project. Super summer crafts for teens. Use and color of duct tape you want for these duct tape flowers.

How To Make Duct Tape Flowers

You will need pencils as well.  I found some green pencils with green erasers, but I had some other pencils around as well, so I added them to the mix.

Now you can begin making your flower petals.

You may want to use scissors, but one of the joys of duct tape is that you can easily rip the duct tape to the size you need.  Each piece should be a little longer than it is wide.  So, rip (or cut) the tape into 2 inch(ish) pieces.

With the sticky side face up, fold one edge over itself, leaving a small strip of the sticky tape on the side as well as the bottom.

Fold the other side over so that you have made a pentagon.  Now the only sticky part should be at the bottom.

Wrap this around your pencil.


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