How To Make DIY Heart Shaped Rings


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OK. You have to check out this tutorial because it is super easy to make these amazing and adorable DIY rings. When I first saw them, I figured they were going to be super tricky since they look so incredible. However, you only need a heart shaped ice cube tray (mine came from IKEA and I am pretty sure theirs did, too) and some pour on casting resin. (They recommend a different brand in the video but Envirotex is my favorite. I included a link below to buy supplies on Amazon, but Micheals stores and Joann Fabric also sell this product in their stores) Then you need some inexpensive fittings from the hardware store and you will be set in terms of supplies. You will need the notions for the inside of the heart and you can buy things, but I imagine if you craft, you have hundreds of things that will already work for this fun DIY project.

You can add glitter, stones, beads, pretty much any creative and colorful idea you can think of to these rings.  I am about to make 20 of these for my friends for Valentine’s Day and promise I will post pics when I do. I think this would also be a super fun idea for a girls sleepover party or birthday party favor idea for older girls and teens.

So I was ultra impressed by the rings and the step by step tutorial that shows you how to make them. What really blew me away were the cute drawer pulls they made with the resin hearts. I just love these so much and want pink glitter ones for my dresser so badly.


Aren’t these a great DIY gift idea for friends? Make some for yourself, but share the rest!


So, so, so cute. Heart shaped DIY drawer pulls make cute room decor for teen girls or even little girls. Cast with resin, these inexpensive handcrafted pulls are adorable.

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to make DIY heart rings and pulls

Need craft supplies?

Get Envirotex for this project and make tons of cute rings and pulls.

Pour On Resin


Environmental Technology 32-Ounce Kit Lite Pour-On, High Gloss Finish

Heart Shaped Ice Cube Trays

HIC Silicone Ice Cube, Chocolate, Candy, Baking and Craft Mold, Non-Stick Heat-Resistant Fun Novelty Shapes, Penguin, 8 by 4.5-Inches

IKEA Rubber Ice Cube Tray Heart Shapes Mold – 2 Pack

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Fun Crafts For Teens and Tweens - Girls Love These Cute DIY Rings Made of Casting Resin. Cool DIY Idea for Birthday Parties, Sleepovers and for Making With Friends - Step by Step Tutorial and Instructions

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