How To Make A Pineapple Spoon Lamp

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I’ve seen lots of plastic spoon lamps before, but this one is really amazing. It looks just like a pineapple- sweet DIY project idea! Super idea for inexpensive home decor – perfect for teens and kids rooms or even office decor. Fun weekend craft project, too.

All you need are yellow spoons, a plastic bottle, some green paper and a little creativity…

Check out this cool tutorial:

You will need:
A small lamp
A wide bottle (I used a squash bottle)
Plastic spoons (I used exactly 125!)
Yellow paint
Green card
A glue gun
Xacto Knife

How To Make A Pineapple Spoon Lamp - Fun DIY Projects and Home Decor Idea

How to Make A Pineapple Spoon Lamp

1. Take the lamp shade off your lamp and keep it unplugged until you have completely finished.
2. Using an Xacto knife cut off the base of your bottle and the spout so it is open both sides.
3. My bottle was a little long and so needed some shortening. I cut a chunk out of the middle and then gluegunned the two sides back together.
4. I then cut a few notches out of the bottle to allow it to fit over the lamp frame and act as a shade.
5. Using tough scissors or by carefully snapping them, remove the spoons from their handles.
6. Now paint your spoons. Surprisingly you can can just paint them using acrylic paint, but they do need two coats to make them look more opaque.
7. Start applying your spoons to the base of your bottle using minimal glue.

Check out the rest of this tutorial here…


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