How To Make A Lush Body Scrub That’s Better Than The Original

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Body scrubs are a must-have in anybody’s shower routine. They get rid of dry patches, moisturize the skin, and leave you smelling fresh and clean.

I personally love Lush’s Ocean Salt scrub. It smells delicious and gets my skin feeling silky smooth. Unfortunately, Ocean Salt has a bit of a hefty price tag, so I went searching on the web to find a way to make my own!

While searching the web, I stumbled upon a tutorial from Australian YouTuber Ela Gale – who knew making Ocean Salt was this easy and so cheap?! Plus, it looks and acts just like the original, but without harsh chemicals! I like her recipe better than the original!

My favorite thing about this all-natural recipe is how she makes the coloring. Instead of using an artificial dye, she makes blue dye out of cabbage and baking soda, and it works perfectly! Her recipe also contains a ton of moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax, which left my skin looking so supple – I didn’t even need lotion when I got out of the shower!

I decided to go with a fine grain sea salt instead of a coarse sea salt in mine. The fine grains are a bit gentler on the skin but still have all of the same scrubbing power!

For some added moisture, I melted down some shea butter in the double boiler with the wax and coconut oil.

If citrus isn’t your thing, you can remove the lime zest and tangerine oil and replace those ingredients with substitutes. Some I love to use are lavender oil and flowers, sandalwood oil and vanilla with ground almonds, and rosemary leaves with spearmint oil. All of them smell amazing!

Watch Ela explain how she makes this Ocean Salt dupe below, and let us know how yours turns out!

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