How To Make A DIY Cloud Light

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 How To Make DIY Cloud Lights

Want to make cool DIY room decor? This fun and easy DIY idea is a cool project for teens to make with string lights and a couple of paper lanterns – we think it is really awesome. Check out the step by step tutorial to see how easy it is to make this awesome DIY for your room. It is cheap, quick and simple to make. Create your very own incredible light storm today! This creative project is one of our favorite DIY ideas with string lights.


DIY Cloud Lights Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Watch the Video Tutorial To Learn How To Make Cloud Lights

 Instructions for Making A Cloud Light:



Supplies You Will Need:

6 Paper Lanterns (but you can choose to use less or more lanterns)

String Lights

Fishing Line

Wooden Dowel

Batting (which is stuffing you can buy from a craft supply or fabric store)

2 Cup Hooks (to hang from ceiling)

Glue Gun


Step One

Take your glue gun and glue batting onto the paper lanterns.  Each lantern will make one of your clouds.



Step Two

Cut fishing line to the length you would like to hand from the ceiling. You will need to cut two pieces, one for each side of the dowel. Tie fishing line to both ends of your dowel. You may want to measure the length of both after you have tied them to make sure the measurements are the same. Trim them to match, if necessary.




Step Four

You will need to cut more pieces of fishing line to hang the lanterns and string lights. Cut one piece for each lantern and attach to the dowel.



Step Five

Tie the hanging ends of your line to the tops of your lanterns to hang your DIY clouds one by one. Your cool room decor is almost done!


Hang each lantern so that your clouds look something like this.



Step Six

Hang your string lights and plug them in. (You can connect all the strings together so you only have to plug one of them into the wall)



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