How To Make A Cool Geometric Candle

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Love geometry? Hate it and wonder why your teacher and your parents make you do it?

Either way, this is a pretty cool project. Those nets you study in geometry, the ones that make complex shapes, can actually be put to use! Make candles the shape of geometric nets with the easy and super cool tutorial.

Supplies you will need:

Tutorial and Instructions for Geometric Candle

Download the template for the first Archimedean solid, the truncated tetrahedron.


Print it on card stock paper in A4 size (8.5in x 11in). You can also use heavyweight printer paper or photo paper (200-240gsm).


Cut carefully along the dotted line of the pattern. Use a cutter or an exacto knife for more precise cuts.


Now you need to fold all the solid lines of the template. I’ll guide you through each fold. Flip the paper over, so that the printed face is facing downwards. Use a thin ruler as a guide for perfectly straight folds.


Once the line is scored, remove the ruler and crease well.


First, fold all the numbered tabs upwards.


Fold all the pentagons inwards.


Last, fold the three small triangles and crease well.

8-template-a-fold-geocanldes copy

Check out the rest of this cool tutorial here…


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