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Disney Frozen Fun Foods

Now, for making the waffles, you’ll just need to get creative with supplies. I used 4 Eggo waffles, bacon, peanut butter, cream cheese, craisins, bananas, chocolate hazelnut spread, blackberries, half a mini marshmallow, a carrot piece, and candy eyes. You can certainly swap items out depending on how healthy you want it to be, what you have on hand, and when you’re serving it. Blueberries, chocolate chips, a candy orange wedge segment, black licorice, fruit leather, pretzels, etc. are all swaps that would work well for some of the items.Eggo waffle Frozen snack suppliesFor Sven, I carved a section out of one waffle for his basic head shape and then used a small circle cutter in a second waffle to get his “muzzle”. You can see he’s covered in peanut butter. The nose & mouth are craisins, with the candy eyes and bacon antlers.Making Olaf & Sven Waffles

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