How To Make A Super Hip Skater Skirt

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Looking for some DIY fashion tutorials and inspiration? Whether you know your way around the machine or you are new to DIY sewing and looking for an easy project for beginners, you are sure to like this cool skater skirt pattern. Choose the fabric of your liking and then dress it up or dress it down to create many cool wardrobe combinations.

Creating the Pattern

1. Start by Drawing a perfect 90 degrees angle on the sides.


2. Measure your hip. You can also use the guide below for refference including the radius number that corresponds to your hip measurement.


3. Puncture the measuring tape at the 0 mark and at the radius number.


4. Using the sharp tool, insert it back at the 0 mark and insert a pencil at the radius number mark.
The purpose of these is to help us draw an exact measurement of the arc that would serve as a guide on our pattern.


5. Place it at the corner of the 90 degrees or the point of intersection and draw an arc using the pencil, sharptool and measuring tape.


6. Next, decide how long your skirt would be and from the radius mark puncture the tape measure on your desired length and place the pencil there.


7. Place the zero back in to the corner and draw the second arc.


8. Cut the pattern that you have created.


The Fabric

1. You can use any light weight fabric, fold it in half and the fold it in half again.


2. Place the pattern on the folded sides of the fabric and start cutting it out.


3. On the very outer circle, sew a small hem all the way around the whole thing and press the hem out with an iron.


4. Measure a piece of elastic around your waist.


5. Overlap the ends together and sew a box with an “X” in the middle to secure the elastics.


6. Going back to the fabric. on the inner circle with the wrong side facing you. were going to make 4 marks on the inner circle equi distant from each other.


7. Next, mark the elastics also equi distant from each other.


8. Match up the mark on the elastic to the skirt, Pin and zig zag stitch the elastic to the inner circle.


9. Lastly, fold the elastic down and sew closely to the raw edge as you can on the elastic and make sure to stretch it as you sew.


And your skater skirt is done!


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