Fabulous & Easy Rolled Paper Roses

DIY & How To

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Looking for a cool craft idea that is fun, simple, easy & inexpensive!?  Try these unique rolled paper roses that make great gifts for friends, look fabulous on a gift wrapped package, perfect for Valentine’s Day and add color to any home decor.  A vase of these lovely flowers will brighten up any bedroom. I even wear one to add a pop of color to my outfit!  Just hot glue a rose to an inexpensive pendant, from your local craft store and Woila!

I put together a vase of these for a friend of mine, who was in the hospital, and they were her favorite flowers!  People always love the thought that goes into a homemade gift.  It’s so awesome to have an insanely easy craft idea that you can do at the last minute to cheer someone up!

If you don’t have colored construction paper or are crafting on a budget, you can just use pages from an old book or newspaper!  Just be creative and use your imagination!  You can’t go wrong.  Roses look great in any color and will definitely be impressive no matter what. You can also use scrapbook paper or an old roll of wallpaper.  All you need is your paper, a glue gun and some florist wire. Teens and adults alike will love learning how to make this  quick, cool paper craft. This is a great project for teenagers who are looking for things to do on Spring Break, summer vacation or pretty much any afternoon where you are looking for something fun to make at home.

In this cool step-by-step Youtube tutorial, you will learn exactly where and how to cut and wrap your paper.  She’s really good about showing you how to roll the paper to make a perfect rose!

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