She Takes A Wire Basket From Dollar Tree. What She Makes? Beyond Amazing.

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Need some new ideas for projects to help decorate your home on a budget, but seem to only find ones that are way too difficult or way too expensive. I am always on the lookout for cheap but awesome crafts, and dollar store ideas are always some of my favorites. However, sometimes, when it comes to home decor, it seems like dollar store crafts just might look cheap. Fortunately, not all of them do, at least not this idea I’ve now made twice, once in clear for my dining room and once in pink and orange for my daughter’s room.

I bought a hanging wire plant basket at the dollar store and the plastic crystal beads from Amazon.  In the Youtube tutorial, she uses 3 packs of beads…I used more for mine.  I separated out the sizes as she shows in the instructions.  I started with the longest strands and attached them to the first link of each chain on the basket, nearest to the hook.  Then, I hooked the other end of the beads to the side of the basket, at the bottom of each chain connecting to the basket.  Next,  I attached the strand with 10 beads on it from the round part of the basket and followed the lines of the metal underneath the basket, attaching them to the center circle. Finally, I added the beads with 4 and 5 beads on them to the bottom of the basket, attaching them to the bottom of the middle small circle and voila! Inexpensive but super expensive looking decor that is fun to make.

I love to have friends over for crafting parties and we are always searching for cool ideas to make at our next get together. This one is our next project and I am so excited to see what everyone ends up with. Because this project is super versatile and creative when it comes to the colors of beads you use, each one is going to be so unique and darling,

Check out the step by step video tutorial to learn how to make one of your own!

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