DIY Summer Wreaths

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Are you having a boring summer and want a fun craft that is super cheap and easy? Well, then you should totally make this super cute umbrella wreath that will shine on your door. This is a fun craft that is great for parties, a wonderful gift and just something fun to make in the summer. You can personalize this craft by adding other objects or get different sizes of umbrellas. If you’re looking to decorate your room door make this super, great wreath. Let’s Go!


Here is the styrofoam base that holds the umbrellas which can be found at the dollar store


Here are the parasol picks in a variety of colors and these should also be found at the dollar store. You can get different sizes of umbrellas to make your summer wreath look better.

Easy DIY Projects for Teens and Adults - Fun Summer Wreath Made From Paper Umbrellas - Cool Party Craft and Room Decor Ideas


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