DIY Galaxy Nails

DIY Galaxy Nails Tutorial - Youtube Video Instructions for Galaxy Manicure - Fun DIY Projects for Teens

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DIY Galaxy Nails Tutorial

Love the look of galaxy nails but afraid they are too difficult to do on your own? Never fear, we found this easy nail art tutorial that looks awesome but is not hard, and is pretty much a simple no fail method for getting a perfectly glamorous galaxy nail manicure. You will need a couple of different colors of nail polish for this one, but the techniques used are easy enough for beginners to follow along. I love this nail art tutorial for teens, as it is not impossible, and it is a lot of fun to do with friends. You will be amazed at how cool this one looks, with the stars and mesmerizing outer space look. This step by step tutorial Youtube video shows you exactly how to paint galaxy nails – check it out below.

Supplies You will Need:

Black Nail Polish

Purple Nail Polish

White Nail Polish

Glitter Nail Polish

Makeup Sponges

Nail Dotter (or Toothpick)



Step One

Paint All Nails Solid Black and Let Dry.


Step Two

Add blue nail polish to your makeup sponge and daub spots on as shown in the galaxy nail art tutorial image below. Allow to dry. Repeat the same step with a different makeup sponge and white nail polish. All nails to dry

DIY Galaxy Nails Tutorial Video | Cool Nail Art Ideas for Teens

Step 3

Use a nail dotter, add white spots in random pattern. Vary size of dots as shown below. Allow nails to dry.

How To Paint DIY Galaxy Nails | Cool Nail Art Tutorials Step by Step


Step 4

Add a coat of glitter polish.

How To Do Galaxy Nails | DYI Nail Art Ideas for Teenagers

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DIY Galaxy Nails Tutorial With Step By Step Instructions and Youtube Video

(Photo image credits to  Rubiks Cube 907

Video Tutorial for Do It Yourself Galaxy Nails

This awesome video by Rubiks Cube 907 shows you how to do this cool nail art project.

DIY Galaxy Nails Tutorial With Step By Step Instructions and Youtube Video

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