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Have you seen these amazing jars covered in lace? I had seen them on Pinterest and in stores but really wanted to learn how to make a lace mason jar myself. Turns out the secret is Mod Podge. (Which is the secret to lots of cool crafts, I am learning!) You can add a light to your jar and use it as a luminary or use your mason jar for storage.

How To Make Lace Covered Mason Jars - DIY Projects and Crafts for Teens

I promise you this craft project is way easier than it looks. You simply need a piece of lace, which can be in any color, really, not just white. I picked mine up at my local Joann’s fabric store, but you can also find some really nice remnants and pretty lace ideas for cheap if you order online. I made two for my bedroom and put them on my end tables for soft lighting, then I made three more for Christmas gifts – all done in one afternoon, too. These mason jars are so pretty, you could really use them as party or wedding decor. Check out this steep by step video tutorial to learn how easy it is to make a lace covered jar for cool your room.

Super creative and cute room decor idea for teen girls.

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How To Make A Lace Mason Jar- Tutorial Video Shows you How to Make a DIY Mason Jar Covered in Lace and Modge Podge - Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas and Cool Projects for Teens

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