Get Perfect Curls With This Insanely Clever Tip!

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Looking for an easier way to get perfect curls than spending hours air drying them and scrunching them? This inventive method is so clever, and requires no work! Get perfect curls while you sleep with this method that shows you how to “plop” your curls to perfection while you are sleeping

Instructions for perfect curls

1. You’ll start with your hair Fresh out of the shower.


2. Next, spray a strengthening heat protect spray a good option is Tresseme Platinum Strength.


3. Apply a Tresseme keratin infusing smoothing serum and Garnier Fructis sleek and shine intensely smooth leave in conditioning cream.Mix a quarter sized of both of the products in your hands and smooth that from the hair near the ears down.


4. Comb your hair to evenly distribute.


5. Next step is to get a large cotton t-shirt and lay it flat to the surface in front of you.


6. Take your hair and shake it out and flip it over to the shirt.


7. Lower your head down very slowly to the shirt so that your hair coils up without getting freezy or tangled.


8. Without moving your head, grab the bottom part of the t shirt and wrap it around toward the base of your neck.


9. Holding that , Grab the top of the t-shirt and pull it down to the base line of you neck. Pull the sleeves behind the base line of your neck.


10. Tie the sleeves creating a turban out of a t-shirt (tuck the tails in to make sure they don’t get in the way and tuck the extra fabric so that also stays put)


11. They should now look like this.


12. In the morning, take it out and you’ll find that your curls are dry , bouncy and frizz free.


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