32 DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend


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“What present can I give to my boyfriend this Christmas?” “What’s the most manly, and cool gift he’ll surely love?” DIY gifts for your boyfriend are the best thing we can think of. Make something he is sure to cherish, and have him thinking about you all the time.

Well, well! Because it is the holiday season again, of course we are paying attention to all our girls out there who we know are busy thinking for the most cool, awesome, thoughtful and sweet gift for their boyfriends! Of course we love you enough that we know you’ll giggle with a list of gift ideas you can DIY for your man!

Okay, so let’s start brainstorming. Is your boyfriend sporty? Is he a musician? Or is he a homebody? Does he travel a lot? Does he love a collection of watches? Or maybe other manly accessories?

If you answered YES to all those questions above, then you’ve come to the right place to find these gift ideas!

DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend

1. DIY Hammock


Cool DIY Gifts to Make For Your Boyfriend - DIY Hammock - Easy, Cheap and Awesome Gift Ideas to Make for Guys - Fun Crafts and Presents to Give to Boyfriends - Men Love These Gift Card Holders, Mason Jar Kits, Thoughtful Handmade Christmas Gifts - DIY Projects for Teens

A DIY chair hammock for your boyfriend? How sweet is that? Super!

2. DIY Simple Leather Keychain


Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend - DIY Leather Keychain Tutorial - Cool Handmade Birthday Gifts for Him

Now your boyfriend will surely love a lasting keychain! An inexpensive DIY gift idea for him, this present is fun to make, too. He can think of you every day when he picks up his keys, too.

3. DIY Watch Weave Bracelet


Inexpensive  DIY Gifts to Make For Your Boyfriend - DIY Watch Weave Bracelet  - Homemade Christmas Gifts for Guys

If your boyfriend won’t like this, oh he is one heck of a dope! How cool is the paracord watch band that you are about to learn how to make? With a step by step tutorial for learning how to knot the paracord, you can sure impress him with your latest DIY skills here. For a thoughtful, unique DIY boyfriend gift, this rugged watch band is perfect for the outdoorsy guy.

4. DIY Domino Clock


Creative  DIY Gifts to Make For Your Boyfriend - DIY Domino Clock - Fun Room Decor DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Is he a game-man? He’ll surely smile widely with this thoughtful idea for his room or man cave. Learn how to make this DIY Christmas or birthday gift for him, it is sure to be cherished for many years to come. Cheap to make but ultra cool, he might love you even more than he does now when he opens this gift.

5. DIY Paracord Lanyard


Easy DIY Gifts to Make For Your Boyfriend - DIY Paracord Lanyard Tutorial - Handmade Gifts for Guys at Christmas, Birthday

Another keychain idea that is not only manly enough but will also save his life.

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