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Do you want an easy, cute craft that will stand out in your room? Well, then you should totally make this DIY galaxy in a jar! It is super easy, pretty cheap and is a great gift to any of your friends. You can also write any quote on the chalkboard tape to make it like you. Let’s make it!

Tutorial and Instructions

Here all you need is silver glitter and holo stars

DIY Galaxy Jar Tutorial and Instructions

You can get cotton almost anywhere, but you will most likely find it at a craft store

Galaxy Crafts - Easy Craft Ideas for Teens and Kids - How to Make A Galaxy Jar at Home

Mason jars are definitely at the craft store if you do not have any

How to Make a Mason Jar Galaxy Jar - DIY Tutorial - Cheap Crafts for Teens and Kids

Acrylic paints can also be found at the craft store or at the art store


DIY Galaxy in A Jar - Bottled Nebula in A Jar - Cool Crafts and DIY Projects for Teens - Fun Gifts and Decor for Teenager, Tween and Teen Bedrooms - DIY Galaxy Jar - Cheap and Easy Crafts for Teens and Kids

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