He Rolls Paper Then Uses His Glue Gun To Make The Hottest Summer Craft Ever!

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We know you’ve seen these and you want one… If you don’t already own a fidget spinner because you can’t afford the high price tag, no fear. You can learn how to make a fidget spinner at home for only a few dollars. If you have an old skateboard laying around and can harvest the bearings from it, then this one will be FREE. Yes, it is not only possible to make your own cool DIY fidget spinner, it actually works well and is super awesome. The perfect craft idea for bored teens to make this summer, it is cheap and easy enough to make lots of them. All you will need is some paper, your trusty glue gun and some bearings from a skateboard or old pair of skates. You can also order these parts from Amazon for a few dollars. We chose Prime shipping and had ours within days. Check out the Youtube tutorial with easy step by step instructions to learn how. Want to make it even cooler? Paint your finsihed fidget spinner with nail polish and make it creative and super colorful. Think creative summer fun for teenagers and kids to make with friends.

DIY Fidget Spinner Instructions - Cool Summer Crafts For Teens

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