DIY Capiz Shell Chandelier

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If you have ever seen a real capiz shell chandelier, you will know two things: they are incredibly beautiful and incredibly expensive. If you want this room for your  bedroom decor, but can’t afford the real thing, try this DIY that looks pretty awesome. Really hard to tell it is not the real thing when you hang it up high on the ceiling. Super inexpensive, you will love this cool DIY, as the results are some of the best ever I have seen on a project I tried. Follow the step by step instructions in the Youtube tutorial video to learn how to make this DIY lighting for yourself. Teen room decor at its best- fun, cool, creative and almost free!

How To Make A Capiz Shell Chandelier

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DIY Capiz Shell Chandelier Tutorial for Cool Teens Room Decor - Cute Girls Crafts for Awesome Bedroom Decor - Fun DIY Light Projects

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