28 DIY Bath Bomb Recipes That Get Really Creative

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OK, so I have to admit I have become obsessed with making DIY bath bombs. Over winter break, I have more time on my hands than usual to get to enjoy a nice, relaxing bath, but I just simply can not afford to spend $10 every time I want one of the super luxurious bath bombs I have come to adore. Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome tutorials and recipes that show you exactly how to make some really cool homemade bath bombs at a fraction of the cost. Not sub par, ideas, either! I have actually come to like some of these better than the ones you find at in the best most expensive bath and beauty stores. From super awesome Lush copycat recipes to sparkly, to golden balls of fizzy wonder and glittery rainbow galaxies, to  relaxing citrus and lavender beauties you almost hate to use because they are so lovely, we have the perfect DIY bath bomb recipe for you to try out today.

So you ready to learn how to make bath bombs? You will need a bath bomb mold and some basic supplies for most of these, but the ingredients are pretty inexpensive. Cream of tartar, citric acid, baking soda, essential oils and/or cornstarch, depending on your recipe, a little sparkle and glitter for the super special bath fizzies. You can buy molds, but things you have at home will work great. One of these uses a microwave egg poacher from the dollar store and even suggests using an easter egg!

28 Homemade Bath Bombs

Be sure to check out our basic bath bomb recipe here, too.

1. Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs

Totally The Bomb
Fun DIY Projects for Women, Teens, and Girls | DIY Bath Bombs Recipe and Tutorials | Mermaid Shell Bath Bomb Like Lush

Wow! I had no idea you could make bath bombs like this at home! I am so excited to finally be able to DIY my very own mermaid bath bomb shells. Can’t wait to try out this amazingly pretty craft for bath time and maybe even as a fun gift giving idea. Follow the easy step by step tutorial to learn how to make these awesome DIY sea shell bath bombs. Simple recipe and tutorial make this one a favorite craft idea for teens!

2. Green Tea Bath Bombs 

The Casual Craftlete

How To Make Bath Bombs at Home Like Lush Recipes | Cool DIY Gifts For Women and Homemade Bath Ideas | Green Tea Bath Bombs
Super luxurious, super lovely to look at, these homemade green tea bath bombs smell amazing. I made some of these with my mom and we both think these homemade bath bombs are some of the best! We made a bunch of these DIY green tea bath bombs for Christmas gifts last year, and I have never received so many awesome “thank yous” Easy and amazing results.

3. Tie Die Bath Bombs DIY


Homemade Bath Bombs Tutorial | Fun DIY Ideas for Teens and Adults | Crafts for the Bath | Tie Dye DYI Bath Bombs Recipe

So pretty, you almost hate to use it, right? This cool tie dye bath bombs DIY tutorial shows you how to make an awesome looking layered bath bomb that makes a fizzy rainbow of colors in your bath.

4. Homemade Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs

Lovely Greens

How To Make Bath Bombs Like Lush At Home | Homemade DIY Bath and Beauty Products | Hot Chocolate Bath Bombs Recipe
If you want to learn how to make your own bath bombs for gifts or are looking for cool crafts to make and sell, these beautiful and creative hot cocoa bath bombs look amazing. Who could not want a bath bomb that looks just like it has decadent chocolate dripped on it? Perfect stocking stuffer idea and homemade gift idea for winter.

5. DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs

DIY Projects for Teens

DIY Galaxy Bath Bombs Tutorial | Fun DIY Projects for Teens and Adults | Cool Ideas to Make for the Bath

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28 DIY Bath Bomb Recipes That Get Really Creative

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