Sharpie Tie Dye T-Shirt


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Want a fun DIY craft idea for kids and teens? This Sharpie tie die T-shirt looks awesome, but the best part about this fun DIY fashion is making it. Cool patterns and colors appear before your eyes if you follow this easy tutorial and instructions. All you need are some Sharpies, a T-shirt, rubber bands, a jar and some rubbing alcohol. The shirt will be washable, too, so you can wear it to school all year as soon as you are finished! Learn how to make this crafty and cool do it yourself project … Fun for kids, teens, tweens and even adults.

Step 1

Secure the shirt on a Mason Jar using rubber bands to give you a good stretch of canvas to work with.



Step 2

Start by drawing a small dot the size of a pea at the middle.



Step 3

Next, Draw small dots around the first dot using whatever sharpie colors you like but make sure that they are not mixing or touching with each other.



Step 4

Get your q-tip, dip it in alcohol and start dabbing them repeatedly on the dots that you have drawn.


Step 5

Keep doing it and notice how the Fabric absorbs them while the color expands in a circular shape.



Step 6

Repeat the steps as many as you wish to have on the shirt or where you want to place them. And Your Amazing Sharpie Tie Die T-Shirt is done!


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