Ridiculously Cute DIY Candy Wrapper Purse


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I still find it kind of amazing the number of incredible DIY projects people have come up with to make from trash. I’ve seen rolled magazine crafts and lots of things from cans and boxes, but this DIY candy wrapper purse just may be the cutest thing ever! Kinda cool, since you get to choose whatever candy you want to make your adorable little homemade handbag. A fun craft project for a rainy day, this one is one of my favorite fun and easy DIY ideas ever – perfect for teens girls, but even adults would have a hard time not loving this creative, handmade purse. If you are looking for an original DIY fashion idea you will not see just anywhere, check this one out. The easy step by step Youtube video shows you exactly how to make a DIY purse. Clever, right?

Fun and Easy DIY Crafts are Perfect for Teen Girls and Even Adults. Creative DIY Gift idea, this step by step tutorial and video shows your how to make fun fashion with a homemade candy wrapper purse.

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