She Twists Her Hair Around Her Curling Iron, But The Final Result Will Amaze You!

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Ever wondered how celebrities and other amazing looking women get great looking hair every day? Well, one of the best kept secrets is beachy waves, soft curls that look like you did not try too hard, but are yet lovely and flattering to the face. Did we say easy? Yes, this quick hairstyle can be yours in minutes with the help of your curling iron. Think you do not like curling irons, think again. The trick here is not to use your curling iron in the way you probably learned how. You will not be curling the ends, and you will not be placing your hair under the clip. Instead, simply wrap your hair around the iron, leaving the end part free of the iron. Create volume and variety in the curls by alternating the way you twist the hair around the iron. Sounds easy enough, it truly is. I just discovered this look for my hair, and even though it takes a little bit longer than leaving it straight, it does wonders for my fine hair. I can not believe the number of compliments I get by doing such a simple thing. Call me officially addicted to beachy waves.

Instructions and Tutorial

Step 1.

Clip the top section of your hair up and out of the way. Gather a small section of the lower hair.

Step 2.

Wrap the hair around your curling iron, leaving the tail of the hair free of the heated iron. Hold for one minute. Continue with additional pieces of hair, but alter the direction of the hair with each piece. Twist some forward, the others to the back. This keeps you from having an overly “done” look and also adds volume to the hair. You can use hairspray on each section before you wrap it around the iron if you like, this will be helpful for superfine hair.

Step 3.

Once you have finished the lower curls, unclip the top portion and repeat the same steps as before.

Step 4.

Brush out your curls or fluff with fingers and spray with hairspray (optional)

Watch The Youtube Video Tutorial – Beachy Waves

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