Relax & Unwind With This $20 DIY Crystal Lamp

The Sorry Girls / YouTube

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Crystals are so easy to find and using them in DIY usually gives you something really pretty and unique. One of the coolest and easiest crystal DIYs I’ve seen lately is by The Sorry Girls.

Kelsey makes a simple crystal lamp using just a few easy-to-find items: selenite (you can replace the crystal with whatever you like,)  PVC cap, a selfie light, and a Tupperware container.

First, she drills a hole in the PVC cap to have access to the selfie light. Then she cuts out a piece of plastic from a Tupperware container to fit inside the cap. After painting the PVC cap and Tupperware piece, leveling out the selfie light with a clothes pin, and gluing everything together, the crystal lamp is done.

It only takes about 5 minutes to make and costs about $20. I saw ones that look exactly the same online for $60. Yeah, I think I’ll stick with the DIY version.

You can find the in-depth tutorial for this lamp below. Make sure to show us how yours turns out and share this with your friends!

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