With 4 Items & In 4 Steps Your Headboard Can Shine Like Stars

Nastazsa / YouTube


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Light up headboards seem to be in everyone’s room these days. Whether a super preppy girl or a music festival queen, these headboards fit everyone’s personality, including yours.

I love the vibe these headboards give and how easy they are to make. With some curtains or tulle, string lights and something to hang them on, you’ve go something that will instantly take your room up a few notches.

YouTuber Nastasza has an awesome tutorial on how to make one of these babies. She uses a curtain rod to hang her sheer IKEA curtains and places the lights behind them. The result is stunning. If I could make a million of these, I totally would.

Check out Nastasza’s tutorial below and give it a try. Trust me, it’s completely worth the few dollars it costs!

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