43 Cool Recipes For Teens To Make At Home

Looking for some cool and easy recipes for teens to make at home? Do yo love to cook? A lot of teens do, and a lot of teens are teenager master chefs at home. If you are one of these teenagers, then kudos to you! But if you are also one of the teens who are still learning this new skill, then keep it up and don’t settle. Cooking, just like life is a constant learning curve. Cooking is one of the best skills that you and your family in the future will treasure about you. If your Mom is the best chef in the world, then just imagine how you would be viewed by your kids in the future if you too master this skill. And also, if you know how to cook, you won’t starve!!! Continue reading “43 Cool Recipes For Teens To Make At Home”

47 Cute Mason Jar Gifts for Teens

Are you thinking of the best gift to give your best-friend? Or to a new friend you made by the start of this school year? Or maybe the best gift idea for someone whom you cannot spend the holidays with this year? Think mason jars, especially DIY mason jar crafts perfect for teens. Whetther you are looking for a gift to give a teenager or are a teen looking to add some awesome ideas for presents to your Christmas gift wish list, these crafty mason jar projects are so cute, you are going to want several.

As Christmas is fast approaching, we understand how you feel. And the easiest, coolest, and the most easy, awesome, artistic and creative gift you can make for someone that’s fit for this time of the year is something made out of a mason jar. And when we say mason jar — we literally mean many many gift ideas that would surely fit the taste of that friend, special girl friend and or bff. These gifts will surely put a wide smile to their faces. Continue reading “47 Cute Mason Jar Gifts for Teens”

34 Fun Foods For Kids and Teens

Want some fun food ideas that kids and teens can make at home? Try these tasty, creative recipes for food that is both fun to make and eat. From colorful rainbow creations, to best waffle iron hacks, to fab ways to serve fruit, we have lots of easy recipe ideas for you. Oh, and did we say sprinkles? You gotta have your sprinkles!
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How to Make French Toast | Easy Recipe

Want to know how to make perfect french toast with an easy recipe? Check out this step-by-step video tutorial to learn how to make the best homemade french toast. No fail method when you follow a few simple steps. Super resource when you want to make a super breakfast without the help of anyone.

When you try this, let us know how it turns out in the comments! We would love to have even more tips for teens making super french toast at home.

Frozen Waffles

Disney Frozen Fun Foods

Now, for making the waffles, you’ll just need to get creative with supplies. I used 4 Eggo waffles, bacon, peanut butter, cream cheese, craisins, bananas, chocolate hazelnut spread, blackberries, half a mini marshmallow, a carrot piece, and candy eyes. You can certainly swap items out depending on how healthy you want it to be, what you have on hand, and when you’re serving it. Blueberries, chocolate chips, a candy orange wedge segment, black licorice, fruit leather, pretzels, etc. are all swaps that would work well for some of the items.Eggo waffle Frozen snack suppliesFor Sven, I carved a section out of one waffle for his basic head shape and then used a small circle cutter in a second waffle to get his “muzzle”. You can see he’s covered in peanut butter. The nose & mouth are craisins, with the candy eyes and bacon antlers.Making Olaf & Sven Waffles

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