Cool DIY Bedroom Ideas for Teens | Cupcake Liner Pendant Light

I could not believe it when I found out this lamp was made from cupcake liners. Paper art just amazes me! This light fixture is just dreamy and definite is a good DIY home decor project for people on a budget. I want to try this fun idea in my bedroom – it is so cheap that if I get tired of it, I don’t have to be worried about the cost. The Ikea hack lamp is pretty easy to make with just a Regolit lamp base and then tons of white cupcake liners.

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Super Cool Pipe Cleaner Woven Baskets

This is a favorite craft I used to make when I was little but it is  equally cool to make now, and the results are much nicer. You get to weave a plaid pattern with pipe cleaners, and then use the pipe cleaner fabric to decorate tin cans. You can really decorate other things with this awesome craft, too.

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How To Make A Starburst Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Want to make a cool starburst rainbow loom bracelet? Check out this tutorial from Instructables that shows you exactly how to make one with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Cool DIY project idea for teenagers. I think I have seen more cool color combinations of this rainbow loom bracelet than any other around. Get creative with your bands on this one and your DIY bracelet is sure to be awesome!

How To Make A Starburst Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Supplies You Will Need:

Rainbow Loom bands in three colors of your choice

A Rainbow Loom

A Hook

Rainbow Loom Bracelet Supplies
For this starburst bracelet, yellow bands will be used as the starburst, navy blue bands will make the border, and clear bands will be for the alternations where the cap bands and other details. You will need your rainbow loom and your hook. I recommend you organize your bands in front of you like this so your project is easy to work with.

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How To Make A Pineapple Spoon Lamp

I’ve seen lots of plastic spoon lamps before, but this one is really amazing. It looks just like a pineapple- sweet DIY project idea! Super idea for inexpensive home decor – perfect for teens and kids rooms or even office decor. Fun weekend craft project, too.

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How To Make A Cool Geometric Candle

Love geometry? Hate it and wonder why your teacher and your parents make you do it?

Either way, this is a pretty cool project. Those nets you study in geometry, the ones that make complex shapes, can actually be put to use! Make candles the shape of geometric nets with the easy and super cool tutorial.

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How To Make A Cool Penny Battery

This is a really cool instructable that shows you how to make a battery from pennies.
It really works!

Here’s How to Make a Penny Battery:

Okay, so I’ve looked around for an idea for an instructable. And I found one that I want to do my own rendition of, the penny battery. So this idea is not completely original, I’m not claiming it as mine. I’m just using the materials and methods that I think will be the most effective. My hope is to power and LED light or a small fan if possible. But if I make the led die, then I have sufficiently surpassed my expectations. Let’s get started.
Penny Battery Tutorial and Instructions

Step 1: Materials

These are all the things you will need. I will include my list as well as some substitutes that I’ve seen.

5-7 Pennies
Paper towels (I used shop towels, but I’ve seen everything from cardboard to cloth)
Lemon juice (salt or vinegar works too)
Sand paper

Tutorial & Instructions


Step 2: Sand pennies

Take the sand paper and sand one side of each penny down til the copper is off that side and the zinc core is showing. Best method is to use your finger to move the penny on the sandpaper as far as I know. (Technically defacing currency is a federal offense or something like that, but I’m sure you won’t get arrested over 6 cents. Besides, it’s recycling so shut up.)

Step 3: Make lemon juice solution


Picture of Make lemon juice solution
So, from what I can tell others have used salt water, vinegar water, well I’m gunna use lemon water. Lemons are more acidic than vinegar so I’m hoping it’ll work better. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. But I will use 3/4 lemon juice, and maybe put some salt in for good measure.

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{DIY Project|How To’s|WeLike|{and think are awesome| and think are super easy

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