Awesome DIYs for your Tech Toys

Looking for some cool DIY ideas to make your phone and other tech toys even more awesome? Check out these diy projects for your iPhone, tablet, iPad and Android. Neat ideas for personalizing and protecting your chargers, headphones, cases and more. From handmade knit cases for your phone and  clever sleeves for your ipad to custom one of a kind speakers to creative headphone decorating ideas, we have some clever ideas for you to personalize your technical gear and electronics. All of these tutorials come with step by step instructions so you know exactly how to make the project. Some of these are super cool ideas for crafts to make and sell on Etsy and Ebay, too. Cases and phone accessories are one of the most popular items and they sell for quite a bit.

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27 Insanely Inexpensive Ideas for Your Walls

Looking for some creative DIY wall art ideas that won’t break the budget? We were, too and we found a ton of easy painting ideas, cool wall designs and creative diy art projects we just had to share with you. 

Check out these creative and crafty projects that offer room decor ideas for just about everyone- teens, adults, kids, college students, even grandparents. Learn how to texture your walls, display your collections with flair, create colorful or glow in the dark DIY wall decor ideas, cute bedroom ideas for teens, word art and more.


27 Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas We Love

These are some of the most awesome ideas for making a statement with your walls. Have more cool ideas? Please share them with us in the comments below.

1. Colored Pencils Wall Art


DIY Wall Art Ideas - Rainbow Colored Pencil Display

What a fun idea! Super easy to do and one of the more creative wall art ideas I’ve seen.

2. Lips from Pallet Wall Art


DIY Wall Art Ideas from Pallets - Red Lips Wall Decor

Repurposed wooden pallets make great wall art but when you get a little tired of pallet signs, try making these incredible painted red lips for your wall. If you are looking for cool room ideas for teen girls, this would be a great one.


3. Colorful Honey Comb Wall Art


DIY Wall Art Ideas - Honeycomb Patterned Tiles for Walls

I just love this modern decor idea…simple, pretty, clever. What else could you ask for? Customize to the colors of your liking and put your pattern of honeycomb shapes together to fit your wall. Find some fabulous colors at your local hardware store – this is the time to get creative with all those fun colors on paint chips you never got to use together. Choose a few that compliment one another and paint away.

4. Washi Tape Snapshot Frames Wall Art


DIY Wall Art Ideas - Washi tape frames for Photos

Washi tape takes on a new identity with these clever DIY Picture Frames. Temporary frames give your photos taped on the wall a much more sophisticated look.

5. Grass Wall Texture with a Simple Broom


DIY Wall Art Ideas - Textured Wall Tutorial Using a Broom

I have seen this effect on walls before and think it is so pretty. Who knew you could do this with a broom? Cool, we think! I want this in my bedroom.

6. Wall Decoration Using Fabric with Liquid Starch


DIY Wall Art Ideas - How to Use Liquid Starch To Make Temporary Wallpaper

If you have not seen what you can do with liquid starch to make temporary wall paper, you have to check this out. Pretty unbelievable that you can get these effects and then pull them off when you need to change your look or move. Perfect for renters- apartments, dorms, condos. Whether you are looking for wall art ideas for living room or for a teen bedroom, this look can be customized to fit your decor and you can come up with all sorts of creative art ideas by simply using a piece of fabric!

7. Glow in the Dark Paint Wall Art


DIY Wall Art Ideas - Glow In the Dark Paint Wall Art

Starry night made easy with this cool DIY room decor idea. Glow in the dark wall paint and stencils are all you need to make an awesome display made for nighttime viewing. Perfect idea for babies rooms and toddler decor, but we think it is also an awesome one for “kids” of any age.

8. Paper Butterflies Wall Decor


DIY Wall Art Ideas - Paper Butterflies Wall Decor

Paper wall art looks so incredible, as it takes on dimension and really can change a room. Who knew a few pieces of paper could do that? Has to be on of the biggest bang for buck ideas, in my opinion. These can make fun teenage bedroom ideas or a sophisticated statement on the wall, depends on the colors you choose.

9. Rainbow Colored String Wall Art


DIY Wall Art Ideas - Rainbow String Art "dream"

Love, love, love this. Dream big and make rainbow string art with the world of your choosing. We like “dream” but you are only limited by your own creativity.We just made one of these for an upstairs bedroom.

10. Heart Shaped Memory Corner Wall Art


DIY Wall Art Ideas -Heart Shaped Memory Corner is Perfect for Teen Girl Room Decor

What teen girl does not think this is an amazing idea for wall decor? Fun, creative, colorful and also temporary in case that relationship does not work out forever!

11. Metallic Gold Wall Art on Canvas


DIY Wall Art Ideas -Metallic Gold Art On Canvas

Easy and super classy look. Create expensive looking wall decor with this graphic gold DIY wall art canvas tutorial.

12. Polka Dots Wall Using an Old Laundry Basket


DIY Wall Art Ideas -Polka Dot Walls Using Laundry Basket

How to paint polka dot walls, the easy way. An old laundry basket or one you pick up at the dollar store will help make painted polka dots simple.

13. Wall Art out of Toilet Paper Rolls


DIY Wall Art Ideas - Toilet Paper Tube Geometric Patterns

Repurpose toilet paper rolls and people will never realize where your wall art came from. You can get creative and make all kinds of cool geometric patterns with the cut tubes.

14. Paper Hot Air Balloon and Clouds Wall Art

DIY Wall Art Ideas - Paper Hot Air Balloons

Love this idea for office decor, nursery, toddler room decor or anywhere you might want to add some cute, dreamy and inspirational wall art.

15. Metallic Gold Polka Dots Wall Art


DIY Wall Art Ideas -Gold Metallic Dot Walls

Go upscale on your dorm room walls or dining room decor with this super easy DIY wall art idea.  Sticky gold adhesive dots do the trick nicely when you want a fast, elegant statement.

16. Moss Graffiti Word Art


DIY Wall Art Ideas -Moss Graffiti Wall Art

Looking for a cool outdoor DIY project for the weekend? Try growing moss graffiti with your favorite quote. Step by step tutorial and instructions from wikihow.

17. Simple Painters Tape Pattern Wall Art


DIY Craft Projects for Wall Art - Geometric Pattern With Painters Tape

I had no idea you could get such classy modern decor with only painters tape and paint! Talk about a cool DIY decor idea on a budget, I am trying this out in my bedroom next. Fun!


18. Extraordinary Mountain Mural Wall Art


DIY Craft Projects for Wall Art - Mountain Mural Wall Art

If you love murals, this peaceful mountain wall art may be just what you have been dreaming of trying out next. Make a statement on your walls with this hand painted wall art mural.

19. DIY Moroccan Style Wall Art


DIY Craft Projects for Wall Art - Moroccan Quatrefoil Stencil Pattern How To

Moroccan quatrefoil patterns are very in right now, and not difficult if you use a stencil. Follow this tutorial to learn how to get cool patterned walls that beat wall paper any day and are much more fun than hanging paper, too!

20. DIY Temporary Wallpaper Using Washi Tape


DIY Craft Projects for Wall Art - Temporary Wall Paper Using Washi Tape

OK, so I think you will need a lot of washi tape…but isn’t this just SO cool??? I love this decor idea just like it is, as a bright, creative statement that covers both wall and floor. Thanks, Brit!

21. Create a Neat Wallpaper Look Using a Paint Roller


DIY Craft Projects for Wall Art - Stencil Wallpaper Look With Roller Tutorial


22. Wine Cork Wall Art Installations


DIY Craft Projects for Wall Art - Wine Cork Crafts Wall Installation

23. DIY Washi Tape Pattern Wall Art


DIY Craft Projects for Wall Art - Washi Tape Patterned Wall Paper


24. Plate Wall Art


DIY Craft Projects for Wall Art - Hanging Plates Display


25. DIY Kid’s Clip Board Wall Art


DIY Craft Projects for Wall Art - Hanging Clipboard Wall Art Ideas


26. DIY Disc Wall Art


DIY Craft Projects for Wall Art - Hanging Disc Wall Art Ideas


27. DIY Post Card Wall Art


DIY Craft Projects for Wall Art - Cool Ideas for Postcards


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Insanely Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas You'll Love

Fun and Easy DIY Faux Agate Coasters

Awesome DIY faux agate coasters are a super cool, easy craft for teens to make. These homemade coaster make great DIY gifts  for family and friends, plus they are the perfect crafts to sell to make a little bit of extra cash on the side! We just love this crafty project because this adorable DIY home decor takes less than an hour of your time and uses supplies that are readily available. Check out the easy to follow step by step instructions below to learn how to make these Tumblr inspired coasters.

How to Make Faux Agate Coasters- Tutorial

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Looking for some fun but inexpensive DIY ideas you can make on the cheap? Try these 99 awesome teen crafts you can make for less than $5 each. Not only are these do it yourself crafts cheap, though, they are actually all pretty cool. Some DIYs for teens are just downright stupid, but I have made more than 10 of these off the list. I am thinking about making some to sell soon. I would love to know your favorites and if you have any more fun teen crafts you want to share with me. Share with a comment below or follow me on Facebook and message me there.

With this list of awesome inexpensive crafts for teenagers, you are sure to find thrifty homemade gift , crafty DIY projects you can make and sell, room decor you can make on a budget. DIY jewelry, art, do it yourself fashion, wall art and more… Check out this best list of DIY projects for teens, tweens, teenage girls and even adults. You are sure to find at least 10 things you absolutely have to make this weekend!

99 Cheap Crafts Ideas for Teens

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33 Amazingly Awesome Duct Tape Projects

Looking for some cool duct tape crafts ideas? There so many awesome ideas for DIY duct tape projects, that it was quite difficult to choose only 33 ideas we love. You can make everything from shoes and clothes to furniture and home decor using only duct tape and creativity. Duct (Duck) tape is also waterproof, and it comes in more colors and patterns than I can count, so it has amazing crafty uses way beyond simply sticking things together.

You simply need a few basic duct taping skills, like learning how to make duct tape sheets and perhaps weaving, then you are ready to follow just about any of these step by step tutorials. Perfect projects for teens, tweens and kids, adults also love playing with these no mess but loaded with fun duct tape crafts. From duct tape flower pens to truly cute DIY fashion ideas, this list of cool duct tape projects is sure to have you out buying a new supply of tape soon!

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DIY Lace Mason Jar

Have you seen these amazing jars covered in lace? I had seen them on Pinterest and in stores but really wanted to learn how to make a lace mason jar myself. Turns out the secret is Mod Podge. (Which is the secret to lots of cool crafts, I am learning!) You can add a light to your jar and use it as a luminary or use your mason jar for storage.

How To Make Lace Covered Mason Jars - DIY Projects and Crafts for Teens

I promise you this craft project is way easier than it looks. You simply need a piece of lace, which can be in any color, really, not just white. I picked mine up at my local Joann’s fabric store, but you can also find some really nice remnants and pretty lace ideas for cheap if you order online. I made two for my bedroom and put them on my end tables for soft lighting, then I made three more for Christmas gifts – all done in one afternoon, too. These mason jars are so pretty, you could really use them as party or wedding decor. Check out this steep by step video tutorial to learn how easy it is to make a lace covered jar for cool your room.

Super creative and cute room decor idea for teen girls.

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How To Make A Lace Mason Jar- Tutorial Video Shows you How to Make a DIY Mason Jar Covered in Lace and Modge Podge - Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas and Cool Projects for Teens

Super Cool Pipe Cleaner Woven Baskets

This is a favorite craft I used to make when I was little but it is  equally cool to make now, and the results are much nicer. You get to weave a plaid pattern with pipe cleaners, and then use the pipe cleaner fabric to decorate tin cans. You can really decorate other things with this awesome craft, too.

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