33 Unbelievably Cool Nail Art Ideas

Looking for some cool DIY Nail Art ideas? Check out this awesome list of nail art tutorials that are not impossible to try at home.

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37 Insanely Cute Teen Bedroom Ideas for DIY Decor

Looking for some creative DIY crafts and ideas to make your bedroom decor awesome? This fun list of DIY bedroom decorating ideas for teens has a little of everything – lighting, wall art, curtains, accessories and more. With a few of these easy DIY projects for teens, your bedroom will quickly go from blah and boring to fun and colorful!

These DIY teen bedroom ideas are easy to make and can be customized to fit your taste and personality! Get inspired with these cool crafts for teens and start making your DIY bedroom ideas a reality. Some of my favorites from both Pinterest and Youtube, complete with links to an actual step by step tutorial or video with instructions.

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34 Spectacular Sharpie Crafts

These are not your average Sharpie Crafts ideas! DIY some surprisingly cool projects with only a sharpie. Get a few sharpies in different colors and you will be set for all 33 of these awesome sharpie crafts ideas. From saddle shoes to inventive home decor to creatively colorful DIY wall art, you are sure to find the perfect project in this list.

From the best ideas on Pinterest to the best DIY projects bloggers with awesome step by step tutorials, we compiled the best list possible of creative art projects using Sharpie markers. Fun craft ideas and creative art projects for teens, tweens and adults, too!

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